Resources for Palestinian Refugees

Assalamu alaikum and welcome to Australia.

We understand the challenges you’ve faced and the courage it took to arrive here. This page is more than a directory—it’s a guide crafted to help you navigate your new life in Australia with ease and support. Think of this as a roadmap and a companion in your journey to rebuilding a safe, stable, and fulfilling life.

Essential First Steps

Navigating your new life in Australia begins with understanding the essential steps to take. From securing your legal status to finding immediate assistance, this guide will provide you with crucial information to help you start on the right foot.

Resource Service
Australian Government Department of Home Affairs The Australian Department of Home Affairs is progressing visa applications from people impacted by the conflict, prioritising visa assessments for those with an urgent need for travel.
Refugee Council of Australia Provides a repository of free services for legal or migration advice to people seeking asylum.
Service Description
Centerlink Provides financial assistance and social services to refugees, helping them with basic living costs and support.
SSI: Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP) Assists refugees in their initial settlement, offering services such as housing, employment, and community orientation.
Red Cross Australia Supports refugees through emergency relief, family reunification, and settlement services, ensuring they receive essential care and support.
Service Description
Palestinian Australia Relief & Action Offers humanitarian aid and support to Palestinian refugees, including food, medical assistance, and educational programs.
Lebanese Muslim Association Provides social and welfare services to refugees, including counseling, educational support, and community integration programs.
Muslim Charitable Foundation (QLD) Offers financial aid, food assistance, and other support services to help refugees meet their basic needs and integrate into the community.
National Zakat Foundation Provides financial assistance, shelter, and essential services to refugees and asylum seekers, helping them rebuild their lives.
House of Sadaqah (NSW) Delivers food, clothing, and essential items to refugees, and provides support for their basic needs and well-being.
Service Description
Food Bank Provides food relief to refugees and vulnerable communities, ensuring they have access to nutritious meals.
Brothers in Need Distributes food and essential supplies to refugees and people in need, promoting community support and well-being.

Health and Wellbeing

Maintaining your health is crucial as you adapt to a new environment. This section offers guidance on finding medical care, understanding the healthcare system, and accessing services that support your physical and mental wellbeing.

Service Description
Centre for Muslim Wellbeing Provides mental health support, counseling, and wellbeing services specifically tailored to the Muslim community.
Beyond Blue Offers support and information on mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and stress management.
Kids Helpline Provides 24/7 counseling and support services for children and young people in Australia facing various issues.
Lifeline Offers 24/7 crisis support and suicide prevention services to anyone experiencing emotional distress.
Multicultural Connect Line (QLD Only) Provides mental health and wellbeing support services specifically for multicultural communities in Queensland.
Service Description
Palestinian Christians In Australia Provides community support, advocacy, and cultural activities for Palestinian Christians living in Australia.
STARTTS Offers support services for survivors of torture and trauma, including counseling, advocacy, and community development programs.
Hayat Line Provides crisis support and assistance to individuals from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, focusing on the needs of Muslims.
Specialised resources focusing on the health needs of women and children
Service Description
Muslim Women’s Support Centre of (WA) Provides support and resources for Muslim women and children in Western Australia, focusing on their health and well-being needs.
Sakina DV Refugee Offers specialized support services for refugee women and children experiencing domestic violence, focusing on their health and safety.
Arise Foundation Provides support and advocacy for vulnerable women and children, focusing on health education, empowerment, and access to healthcare services.

Education and Employment

Guidance on educational opportunities and job-seeking resources to help you build a successful future in Australia. Whether you’re looking to further your education or start a new career, this section provides valuable information on  training and employment services.

Service Description
AMES Australia Offers a range of education and training programs to support refugees and migrants in their settlement journey, including language courses, vocational training, and employment support.
LMA Thrive Program Provides educational and mentoring support to refugee and migrant youth, empowering them to thrive academically and socially in their new communities.
Service Description
Refugee Employment Support Program Provides employment assistance and support services to refugees, helping them navigate the job market, acquire necessary skills, and secure sustainable employment opportunities.
Asylum Seeker Employment Skills Support (ASESS) Offers employment skills training and support to asylum seekers, equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to access job opportunities and achieve financial independence.

Community Connection

Ways to connect with local communities, support networks, and social groups to help you build a sense of belonging in Australia. Establishing social connections is key to feeling at home in a new country.

Go Pray Places and times for congregational prayers and masjids or community groups
United Muslims Association Provides a range of community support services for Muslims, including social welfare, educational programs, and cultural activities.
Lebanese Muslim Association (LMA) Offers various community services and support programs for Lebanese Muslims, including social assistance, religious activities, and educational initiatives.
Free to Feed Empowers refugees and asylum seekers through cooking and hospitality training programs, fostering community connections and economic opportunities.


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